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Soundproofing Generator


Soundproofing of diesel generators are must because the noise generated by gensets are very loud and disturbing. Diesel generators make noise in working conditions and it happens due to their technical properties. These generators consist of two parts one is diesel engine to run the motor and other is motor who generate electricity. All are mounted on a metal frame and rubber bushes. Then also it creates heavy noises. So now reduce the noise of these generators and make them soundproof tech people surround it with a floor mounted four sides soundproofing acoustic blanket enclosure. This whole process to make diesel generators noiseless has been known as soundproofing. To get the best results, it is must that the enclosures should be made as much as lager in size so that they could make less heat generation and also able to control the noise as much as possible. The acoustic blanket sustains the pump noise to reach to their mounting. There several other methods to create soundproofing in diesel generator like Homasote or soundboard, MDF (Medium density fiberboard) or even Hardy board.