Rent & Hire

We Classic Generator Power provide rent and hire services of generators. We are giving all our services to various manufacturing plants, new establishments, commercial and industrial places where required electricity supply is not available according to needs.  We managing our rent and hire generator services in some specific conditions where people need no generator set as purchased asset, we give hire and rent service at very affordable rates, people need hire and rent generator services in when they are setting up a new enterprise and is it going to take some time to reach the full capacity, when their organization under constructions and the power


requirement is growing, when one have a process industry and he would like to have backup for critical loads, when someone don’t want to make capital investments in captive power facilities, when a person has large order to be executed and need short term additional power, when whole installation team setting up a new project site where electricity supply is not immediately available, when a plant is in a new industrial area, where electricity supply is yet to be streamlined, when a industry have seasonal requirements of additional power and one need limited power during your planned plant shut downs.

The best advantage of rent and hire are like Less Maintenance, Saves Money, Try Before You Buy .

With given reasons are enough to explain the need of rent and hire service of generators in current time. We Classic Generator Power welcome people who need generators on hire and rent basis at market leading costs with good client support.