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New Generator

About New Generator

We Classic Generator Power are well known seller of multi brand new diesel generators in New Delhi. Currently we are selling new generators of established brands like Kirloskar, Cummins, CAT, JCB, Eicher, Escorts, Ashok Leyland and etc. As we are selling multi brand new generators, our clients get multiple choices according to their requirements. We are selling these new generators from 15 KVA to 1250 KVA.

We are providing our services to our clients for their residential colonies and complexes, commercial and industrial places where they need continuous electric supply to avoid any kind of delay in their any kind of work. Our new generators directly come to our workplace from their manufacturers with good packing and company warranty.

Power cut in Delhi is usual so installations of generators are common here. Almost every industry, commercial complexes and big residential complex are using these diesel generators and we are one of the famous and recommended organizations as installer and service provider for new generators.

These new generators come in various model, specifications and sizes. Fuel efficiency of these generators are depend upon capacity of these new generators. People like to go with branded generators but some of our clients also ask for generators which assembled by us by putting spare parts from various companies. These new generators are also quit nice in performance and quality like the branded one.

We Classic Generator Power are invite people who need new generators at their place under a surety of good service and genuine product.