Generator AMC

We Classic Generator Power under take AMC for diesel generators installed at various places. AMC service is like a precaution we take for our self to boost our health, in same way to keep gensets in good working condition. Once AMC contract signed with client, technicians start to visit on fixed schedule at client’s site. They also carry log books and check lists at time of visit to get the input of that day inspections done on site. We recommend earlier to our clients to keep some essential spare parts and consumables for minimizing downtime of equipment. During the service visit technicians take


load trials are carried out on available loads. And inspection procedure contains checkup of alternators, battery and other components of engine, AC alternator and control panel. These checkups ensure reliability of genset engine, fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance cost and avoid sudden breakdown etc.

The AMC provide good results and benefits to our clients. It ensure to avoid any kind of unexpected breakdown, damage in spare parts, any accident at place where generator has been installed. Thus AMC service extains the life of generators and make the owners happy with nonstop service.

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